Ham and Avocado Sandwich

Ham and Avocado Sandwich
  • EnergyEnergy: 629kcal (per serving)
  • StepsSteps: 3
  • Salt contentSalt content: 3.7g (per serving)
Ingredients (1 serving):
Slice of bread (10 slice pack)2
GOHANDESUYO1 tablespoon
Mayonnaise2 tablespoons
French mustard1/2 teaspoon
Ham4 slices (40g)
Lettuce1 leaf
SaltModerate amount

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How to make

  • 1
    Shred the carrot, rub salt, and then squeeze out moisture.
  • 2
    Paste mixed GOHANDESUYO, mayonnaise, and French mustard on both slices of bread.
  • 3
    Place the carrot from <1>, ham, and sliced avocado and lettuce on <2>, and sandwich it with the other slice of bread.