Poke (with Onion chips)

Poke (with Onion chips)
  • EnergyEnergy: 164kcal (per serving)
  • StepsSteps: 2
  • Salt contentSalt content: 2.6g (per serving)
Ingredients (4 servings):
Tuna (one piece)450g
Purple onion150g
KIMUCHINOMOTO4 tablespoons
Sesame oil2 tablespoons
Honey2 teaspoons
Onion chipsModerate amount

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How to make

  • 1
    Cut tuna in 1cm blocks, slice purple onion and put them in water,and after a while, drain the water from onion.
  • 2
    Mix <1> with KIMUCHINOMOTO, sesame oil, and honey.
    Serve on a dish and apply onion chips on top.