Shrimp and Mayonnaise

Shrimp and Mayonnaise
  • EnergyEnergy: 251kcal (per serving)
  • StepsSteps: 3
  • Salt contentSalt content: 1.8g (per serving)
Ingredients (2 servings):
Shrimp (with head removed)6 (180g)
SaltModerate amount
Potato StarchModerate amount
Salad OilModerate amount
Mayonnaise1 tablespoon
Sugar1/2 teaspoon

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How to make

  • 1
    Remove the shells and back vein from the shrimps, rub salt and potato starch, and wipe off moisture.
  • 2
    Powder <1> with potato starch and deep-fry in lot of oil.
  • 3
    Mix KIMUCHINOMOTO, mayonnaise, and sugar with <2> and serve on a plate.