Spicy Seafood Soup

Spicy Seafood Soup
  • EnergyEnergy: 109kcal (per serving)
  • StepsSteps: 1
  • Salt contentSalt content: 2.1g (per serving)
Ingredients (4 servings):
Raw cod200g (2 slices)
Shrimp(black tiger) 8
Clams (with shells)200g
KIMUCHINOMOTO2 tablespoons
Tomato juice2 tablespoons
Water5 cup (1000ml)


KIMUCHINOMOTO is made from red pepper, garlic,mandarin,apple, and ginger, and brings out umami and rich flavor.

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How to make

  • 1
    Put KIMUCHINOMOTO, tomato juice, and water in a pot and wait until it boils. Then, add processed seafood, skim the foam, and serve on a dish when cooked.